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Refined Soybean Oil

Refined Soybean Oil
Refined Soybean Oil
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Product Description

We offer micro refined soybean oil, which is made using sophisticated centrifugal separators with global technology. Clear & transparent, this soybean oil has bland taste and odor. It helps keep the heart healthy and maintain cholesterol level. Refined Soybean Oil is 85% saturated fat free, and contains over 60% PUFA (Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids). Containing a broad variety of sterols and triterpenes in natural form, it is unique in nature.


A. Nutritional Function
  • Ideal for cooking, and as a salad oil, as it is free from cholesterol, rich in Vitamin-E and low in saturated fat.
  • Used in food products. 
B. Non-Nutritional Function
  • Alfa Tocopherol content in oil, helps improve immunity, control aging, and cardiovascular diseases.
  • It is a semi drying oil, and thus used in surface coating industries, such as Varnishes, Paints, Printing Inks, and allied products.
  • It can also be used for making Core Oils, Blown Oils and Alkyd Resins.
  • Used in Plasticizers and Epoxidized Oils, to maintain PVC plasticity, and as a stabilizer to increase the stability in Pesticides & PVC. 
  • Refined Soybean Oil is also used for making GMS (Glyceryl-mono-stearate), and metallic stearates after complete hydrogenation of the oil.
  • It is used for Fortification as well, with anti-oxidant such as BHA (Butylated Hydroxy Anisole) after hydrogenation.  

Soyabean Oil

Refined, Bleached & Deodorized, Naturally Expelled Organic Soybean Oil

SHELF LIFE: Minimum of one year at room temperature and dim light.


  • Appearance: Brilliant Light Golden
  • Moisture & Volatiles %: .06%
  • Free Fatty Acid, % max: 0.03%
  • Total Tocopherols, ppm: 1000
  • Phosphorus, ppm: 3
  • Color: Yellow 12.0
  • Peroxide Value (meq/kg): 0.70 Red 2.0
  • Iodine Value: 132
  • Flash Point, Degrees F: 570 Degrees F


  • C16: 0 Palmitic 10.14%
  • C18: 2 Linoleic 53.10%
  • C22: 0 Behenic: 0.37%
  • C17: 0 Margaric 0.11%
  • C18: 3 Linolenic 7.9%
  • C24: 0 Lognoceric: 0.12%
  • C18: 0 Stearic 4.20%
  • C20: 0 Arachidic 0.20%
  • C18: 1 Oleic 23.10%
  • C20: 1 Gadoleic 0
  • Other: 0.17%

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